Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The check is in the mail!

That post isn't coming tonight, but only because I had an interesting day financially.

Even though I live in the dorm, my permanent address is still at home. Logically, I get a lot of mail there. My mom stacks in all in my room on top of my tv, and I open it whenever I come home, except under circumstances.

If a package comes, something with delivery confirmation, something overnighted, etc comes my mom knows it's "important" and so she calls me. It's something very silly because normally I just tell her to open it, and then I have to wait for her to find the letter opener, open it, read the mail, and tell me what it is. Today I received a letter that had to be signed for, and so she called me right away.

Inside was a check for slightly more than $1,000. It was a refund from my insurance company (I paid out of pocket for a test earlier this year, and fought their decision not to pay, it looks like I won!), and it definitely came just in time. I plan on using this money to pay off my credit card, and socking whatever is left away in my savings account. I was becoming so frustrated with my finances this month that this is just pure luck.

On the bad side, the last of my student loans for the semester is scheduled to post a week from today, which means I'll need to update my student loan debt.

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