Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a breath of fresh air.

Long time no post. I moved back into my dorm room on Sunday, and started my new semester Monday, so I've been busy repacking/adjusting to my schedule/organizing, etc.

Today I learned that I truly was financially ignorant. When I first received my Citi driver's edge card, apparently I had 0% interest on my purchase balances for three months. I never realized this until today when I was looking at old statements. It's quite sad how I used to just ignore these things. I wish I had taken advantage of that offer.

I have been doing quite well on my 30-day challenge. Besides the money that I lent to my mother until her next payday, I bought ink for my printer (an essential), and I paid three dollars to have some loan papers faxed to my loan papers. For some reason they thought I graduated last semester, so I had to prove that I was still a student. Those are both unusual expenses, so I was correct when I thought that January was probably not the best month to be doing this. I suppose it will show me what sort of expenses I should plan for in my budget even if they are not monthly.

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